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We finish for Christmas at 1:30pm on Friday 21st December for 2 weeks and re-open on Monday 7th January. We hope you have a good break and look forward to seeing you next year. 

Children  »  What have we been doing?  »  2017 - 18  »  Police Visit to Reception Jan 2018

During our  "People Who Help Us" topic, Reception class were very lucky to have a special visitor -The Police came to see us for the afternoon!  They sat down to tell us all about what they do every day as part of their job and answered any questions the children had about being a Police Officer.  They showed us their equipment such as their cameras and safety vests, we even got to send messages to each other using their Police radios!

Next, we went outside into the car park and were given the opportunity to explore the Police van!  We sat in the driving seat, played passenger in the back and some of us got locked in the cell!  The best part, of course, was pressing the button to switch on the lights and sirens!

 A great big thank you from all the children at Raynville for a fantastic afternoon!