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Great to see everyone back after summer. Loads to do this year including a new ways of teaching maths and literacy. New this year- class assemblies with a chance to come in and see your children in action and Mathletics

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Today, I showed the children a website called Pobble365. IT shows a new, interesting picture as a story starter or discussion point every day. I asked the children to take a good look at the picture and think about what they can see. What is happening? How did they get there? What might happen next? Mos of their hands went up but I didn't ask anyone for their thoughts, I asked them to share them with a partner and when we came back together, every hand went up to tell me something about the picture. I told them that they weren't allowed to tell me what they saw, they had to write it down. They could ask a friend if they needed help with any letter sounds or even write a sentence together. This is what they came up with! I'm sure you'll be as impressed as I was! I'm a very proud teacher!!