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Home Learning

Thank you to the many parents who came along to one of our discussion groups or sent in emails/letters in September, to contribute to the debate about how to best provide meaningful home learning experiences for our children.
We appreciate that for many of our families, homework presents difficulties and we don't want to make home learning a chore for children or their parents. However, we do know that when children continue some of their school learning at home, it does help them to achieve more highly.

Taking on board the various concerns and feedback, we have decided to reduce what we expect the children do at home, and will make some areas of home learning optional.

Children who do the additional home learning will certainly benefit educationally, and we very much hope that many of our parents will enjoy doing this with them, but we hope that by reducing what we are asking you to do every week, the MOST IMPORTANT learning that we really NEED the children to complete, will get done.

Home Learning will now consist of the following in all year groups:
            Reading: as often as possible - a minimum of 3 times a week please.
            Spellings: children will be given a week to learn these (test in school)
            Maths: number bonds and times tables (test in school)
In preparation for high school, homework expectations will be gradually increased in Year 6.

Home learning is important but please don't make it a battle. Talk to us if you are experiencing    difficulties. The most important thing is that you spend time talking with your children and enjoying your time with them. The optional home learning will offer ways of doing this whilst focusing on what the children are being taught in school and the topics they are studying.

Class teachers will give you more detailed information about the optional home learning.