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We are part of The Greetland Academy Trust - striving to 'Reach Great Heights'.

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I was appointed as headteacher at Raynville Primary School to start in September 2016.  Prior to my appointment, the governing body (along with the governing bodies of the other primary schools in our area) had begun to investigate the implications around becoming an academy, possibly as a group of schools together.

I worked with the governing body to continue this investigation following my appointment. The governing body established a working party that were responsible for further investigating this process and to determine if it was the best thing for our children.

After further research, the governors contacted the Department for Education (DfE) who assigned us a project lead. The project lead then gave us a list of suitable academies to investigate and visit to gather further information.

In 2017, the working party looked at the list and selected a short list of academies to visit and gain further information about. From these visits, the working party was able to feed back to the full governing body who then decided to look more closely at The Greetland Academy offer and its potential suitability to join.

After further visits, the governors unanimously agreed to begin the consultation process with regards to becoming an academy and joining The Greetland Academy Trust. Following this we began the process of consultation with staff and parents/carers.

We held staff consultations throughout September to December 2017 and with parents from October to November 2017 with meetings for parents taking place on Tuesday 3rd October, the first is at 2:30pm and the second at 5:30pm

In December 2017 we had our very successful Ofsted visit providing us with ‘evidence’ of our strengths to be able to begin to offer support. In January 2018, we confirmed with the DfE our intention to convert to become an academy and join The Greetland Academy Trust.

The Headteacher Board had to look at our proposal but did not get to this until June 2018. They requested further information about our proposal including financial implications and collaborative working plans.

In October 2018, the headteachers board approved our application to convert with The Greetland Academy.

On November 27th a conference call was held between school, Greetland, the DFE, solicitors and Leeds Authority about the process. A date for converting on 1st April 2019 was agreed. A further meeting was held the day after with the authority's solicitors.

December 6th saw a visit from two members of the Leeds LA team responsible for land ownership to look into our borders and what land will be ours to use post conversion. It was a good meeting with no issues. 

On Monday 1st April 2019, we became an academy. 


Who are Greetland?

Greetland Academy is an outstanding provider that has a long history of high quality provision for the children and supporting other schools. They have a SCITT (School-Centred Initial Teacher Training) a teaching alliance, a National research school and an English Hub. They are established in working well with many other schools and agencies including universities and the Department of Education.