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Junior Warrior at Bramham Park 2019

On Friday 21st June our team of 14 daring Year 6 children tackled the more-muddy-than-ever Junior Warrior obstacle course!! The children had to tackle some tricky deep grassy terrain, hike up steep hills, wade through river water, squelch through waist high oozing mud puddles, crawl through pipes, carry heavy logs of wood, climb over walls and slide on their bellies like penguins to get to the finish line. It wasn’t a race, however. They could only reach the finish via team work and communication. The camaraderie was a spectacle in itself - even the course marshals were impressed with their behaviour as they cheered for their friends and helped other each other complete the course. It was particularly rewarding to see our children stopping to run back and help fallen junior warriors from other schools! Each participant was awarded a medal and warrior headband for completing the course! Massive well done to everyone who took part! Thanks to Mr Midgley for filming! Please understand that he was the only person filming across the 3km loop of track, so you have our apologies if I have missed any of the action! - Mr Perkins