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Eden Camp

On Friday 10th November, four children from years 5 and 6 went to the Inner West Leeds Youth Summit. They were asked to decide how they would spend £34,000 in the area and had to choose from a variety of options. Working alongside other schools in the area and with the help of local councillors, the children made some good choices. The day was a great success, and the children also had a guided tour of the council chamber and met the Mayor.

Year 5 have continued to enjoy the World War 2 topic taking an active part in the WOW day, where they solved the enigma codes, learned about rationing, what happened in the schoolroom, why there was a blackout and sang some songs from the wars. In science they have looked at reversible and irreversible changes and have separated mixtures and solutions. The children in 5B, have produced some amazing pieces of work for RE, where we have looked at people who have shown Compassion in recent history, mainly linked to the Second World War topic. They have thought about how they have shown Compassion in school and in society. Class 5S have moved forward with the Young Leaders Award. We set off on a walk around Raynville School to see what we could do to make our area better. There were lots of things spotted including litter, graffiti, and general tidying up. We are gradually getting ideas for a project later in the year.

Greece day