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Staffing in Nursery

In Nursery we have 4 members of staff.  Mrs Brine, Mrs Fozzard, Miss Johnson and Miss O'Connor (each morning). 
The Nursery Environment

Our Nursery has places for 78 children, 39 morning places and 39 afternoon places.  We offer these sessions in a variety of combinations to help support our children’s needs. Please see the table below:
30hours - Monday - Friday 8:45-3:30
(Check if you are eligable at https://www.gov.uk/30-hours-free-childcare)
Monday & Tuesday full day 8:45-3:30 + Wednesday morning, 8:45-11:45am
Wednesday afternoon, 12:30-3-30pm + Thursday & Friday all day 8:45-3:30pm
5 x morning sessions - 8:45-11:45am
5 x afternoon sessions – 12:30-3:30pm
(Please be aware that there is a charge of £2.50 per day for lunchtime supervision. This means a child staying Monday & Tuesday or Thursday & Friday over the lunchtime period will pay £5 per week and a child staying for 30 hours will pay £12.50 per week). Contact the school office for more details.

If your child is 3 years old and you would like them to attend our nursery, then please make an appointment with the school office to come and have a look around and speak to a member of staff. Registration forms are also available from the school office.  

Opening times

Flexible start:  8.45am until 9.00am
Finish:             11.45am
Start:               12.30pm
Flexible finish:    3.15pm until 3.30pm
Our setting provides exciting and spacious inside and outside environments.
Inside we have a well resourced and stimulating environment which is designed to support your child’s learning. 
Outside you will find two working areas. The first at the front of The Foundation classrooms and the second at the rear. Children are encouraged to use all of their senses to explore these exciting and challenging environments with highly trained, supportive staff. We offer both areas of provision every day of the academic year.

How is our nursery organised?

Our well organised nursery gives your child a wide range of stimulating areas of provision such as sand, water, creative workshop, small world, large construction and role-play areas.
Provision is carefully planned and resourced to allow children to make their own choices and become ‘active independent learners’.  Young children need opportunities to explore, question, experiment and discuss their environment.
We plan focus activities around a topic to offer a wide range of varied experiences and learning, covering all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  The upmost importance is that of the children’s interests, which we encourage to help shape our curriculum.  Our aim is to support and nurture the ‘all round’ development of your child.
We operate a Key worker system in the nursery which means once your child has started nursery, they will be allocated a member of staff.  This staff member is someone parents can pass on regular information to about your child or ask specific questions about progress etc.