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Key Information  »  Values and Ethos

“The future is in our hands”
We aim to build up a positive ethos by providing:
  • a happy, safe, caring environment which safeguards all children
  • a fair system of discipline, where good behaviour is expected and outstanding behaviour is readily praised and any form of bullying is openly challenged
  • equal opportunities for all
  • an effective whole school community partnership
  • an image that the whole school community can be proud of, identify with and participate in
We aim to ensure our curriculum will:
  • be responsive to the needs of the pupils and the Bramley community and will therefore:
  • focus on basic skills throughout a broad, balanced, cross-curricular and progressive range of learning outcomes
  • provide a high standard of personalised learning for each child
  • introduce children to new, memorable experiences and ways of thinking
  • develop each child intellectually, physically, spiritually and morally
  • promote health, tolerance, happiness, safety and independence
  • enable all pupils to enjoy and achieve
We will therefore provide:
  • an environment which ensures the safety and well-being of all
  • a clear home-school contract which summarises our aims and sets clear expectations of pupils and parents/carers
  • an environment where pupils make a positive contribution
  • support for families from our Pastoral and Inclusion Team
  • a range of extended services
  • a learning environment where pupils/families can achieve economic well-being
  • a range of activities within and outside the national curriculum to promote excellence and enjoyment for all
At Raynville we build the skills for Learning and Life ………

We believe all children should be able to learn together in a stimulating environment, and be inspired to give of their best.

We celebrate the richness of our children’s identities, be it their talents and interests, their gender, cultural or ethnic heritage, language or additional needs.  
We have a strong sense of community at Raynville and are proud of our values:
       We Nurture
       We Challenge
       We Inspire
       We are Honest