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Super Heroes and Unicorns!

This week we have introduced two new writing tables to Reception - the Super Hero table and the Unicorn table. Something tells me they're going to be VERY popular!!

April 2019

Quick update on our writing in Reception!

March 2019

We are now using Pobble365 as part of our morning challenge in Reception. This is to encourage independent writing, challenging each child at their own level. If they see a tree and can write a 't' then that's great. If they can spell the word "tree" by themselves that's even better and then if they can write a sentence about what they can see that's fantastic! Check out what the children in RP can do all by themselves! There will be a new and interesting picture each day to have a go at. You could even practise at home during the half term!

February 2019

As part of our world book day celebrations, we invited our parents in to Reception to read their favourite books with the children. The parents were in high attendance and lots of fun was had by all!

January 2019

Children in Reception had a very special visit from a Police Officer today! The children have shown a great interest in the work of the police recently so we called upon a real police officer to talk to the children about his job and how he helps people every day. He told us all about what tools and equipment he uses and we even got to try on some of his uniform! Next, we took turns to have a look inside the police van. Some of us got to sit in the cell at the back and others pretended to drive it! The best bit, of course, was when the Officer put the lights and sirens on at the end! It was very loud! Huge Thank You to Officer Gray for giving up his time to educate our children today - we are very lucky indeed!

December 2018

Christmas Party and party games! Here's a little look at all the fun we had during our Christmas party! We played games, shared food and danced until our little legs could no longer carry us! We played many games during our Christmas party, including 4 corners, musical statues, a flossing competition and best of all, pass the parcel! Sometimes we got sweeties, sometimes we got a special task we had to do! In the end, our lucky winner took home a fantastic colouring book!

October 2018

Shape Hunt! We gave the children a shape and asked them to find something in Reception that matched the shape. See pictures to see what they found.

September 2018

This week the children have had their first week in Reception at Raynville. They have been very busy making friends, getting to know the teachers, learning all the new rules and routines and of course playing with all of the new toys. This term we are learning 'all about me', so the children have been playing in the doctors role play area, setting up home in the home corner and drawing a self portrait. We have met Mr Midgley, the Headteacher, been over to the other building for our school dinner or packed lunch and we have been playing in the outside area.